Simon Says Group


The best for the best

Our concierge service can through membership offer our customers great deals on specific offerings at Simon Says.

Such as:

  • Concierge service & hotline
  • Security
  • Jewelry
  • VIP Events
  • Aviation
  • Boats & Yachts
  • Cars & Supercars
  • Estates
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • VIP Coaching & Consulting


Our memberships are for VIP customers with distinctive needs and requestsFor those who enjoy to be taken care of and who want only the best of the best, simultaneously at a good deal.



For the exclusive customer who loves luxury, extravagant experiences, excellent services, offers, products and wants the whole full package.



For the self-indulgent customer who knows the importance of the good experience as well as enjoys our offers, products and wants a tailor-made package.



For the good customer who has a little less needs, yet still appreciates good experiences, services, offers, products and wants the individual package.

Do you want to know more and discuss your specific needs?