Simon Says Group


Our mission is to create happiness and great experiences through utilizing first class development and our expertise for the good of entertainment.

Simon Says has roots in Denmark with an international focus and aims to be present in 23 countries, creating and developing global stars.

Our vision is to be the worlds leading full service entertainment agency by making the world a happier place and changing the approach of talent development.


Our strengths go beyond the business and administrative part of our clients professions – we work interdisciplinary with competencies in several industries, which heightens what we bring to the table.



The most important task for us is that we and our clients are constantly evolving on the road to success and at the same time keeping a personal and professional balance, with our feet on the ground.


To attain the absolute best results and the perfect balance in body and mind, we use coaching as a consistent tool in all parts of both our business and creative outputs.


Simon Says was created from passion and years of experience within the entertainment industry. The vision is of a world class international full service agency that has the power and potential to develop talented individuals across the globe, bringing entertainment to the world.